The Third Arrangement

The Third Arrangement is a group from Southern New Jersey. In 2016, Keyboardist Nathan MacAdams began rehearsing a 4 piece band which included local guitarist Frank Morley. A year later, the band expanded into a larger ensemble, consisting of horns and background vocalists. While blending jazz, funk, and rock elements, the music superimposes funky rhythms over smooth effects. The lyrics of the songs are often written in the narrative style which brings you far away from home and back again. They have been regular performers throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area since 2017. Ahead of their debut album, they released their first single called "Party Blues" in October 2019.

Band Members

Nathan MacAdams - keyboards/lead vocals
Matt Goodman - bass/vocals
Frank C. Morley - guitars
Justin Fraser - trumpet, flugelhorn
Brandon Dixon - alto, tenor saxophones
Nicholas Cesario - drumset